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  • For Tablets, Capsules, Dry Powder, Injection & API manufacturing.
  • For efficient Mixing / Blending of Dry Powder / Granules.
  • Requires minimum space compared to other types of Blenders.
  • Power efficient.
  • Safety interlocks provided for safe operation.
  • Programmable Logic controls for blending process parameter setting.
  • Capacity range : 50 to 3000 Ltrs.

We Also Manufactures :

Conta Blender. ( Capacity: 2 to 3000 Ltrs.)

Octagonal Blender. ( Capacity: 10 to 4000 Ltrs.)

Egg Shape Blender. ( Capacity: 450 to 4000 Ltrs.)

Double Cone Blender. ( Capacity: 100 to 2500 Ltrs.)

"V"Shape Blender. ( Capacity: 100 to 2000 Ltrs.)

Use of Pillar Bin Blender

The Pillar Bin Blender proves to be invaluable for achieving homogeneous mixing of dry powders across various industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. This equipment minimizes cross-contamination, ensuring a clean and efficient mixing process. Moreover, it facilitates thorough and adequate blending. The user-friendly design of the different bins allows for easy handling, cleaning, assembly, and organization, adding to its practicality and versatility.

Working principle

The optimal mixing effect is achieved within the closed hopper as materials containing various constituents undergo three-dimensional spatial motions. This occurs due to the symmetrical axes of the hopper and the axes of the rotating shaft forming an included angle. The materials engage in robust rolling, diffusion, and contraction processes, enhancing the overall mixing performance.

RP Products is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Pillar Bin Blender located in Mumbai, India.

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